Xuehang Wang, PhD

Assistant Professor of Electrochemical Energy Storage
TU Delft

Hello and welcome! I am an assistant professor in Storage of Electrochemical Energy (SEE) section, Department of Radiation Science & Technology (RST), TU Delft. 

I am passionate about understanding the mechanisms of electrochemical behavior at the interfaces and working towards achieving high-rate operation on energy storage devices. I am now exploring the potential of 2D transition metal carbide MXenes with various electrolytes. 

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Research Interests

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06-04-2023 New publication: Nature Energy, 2023.

01-04-2023 New publication: Small Methods, 2023

03-01-2023 New publication: Adv. Energy. Mater, 2023

01-12-2022 Welcome a new member: Hao Wang

15-11-2022 NWO Open Competition Science - XS

30-06-2022 TNW Science Day @ TU Delft

16-06-2022 17th 2022 M-Talk

08-06-2022 HIU Seminar @ Helmholtz Institute Ulm 

Contact Information

Department of Radiation Science and TechnologyStorage of Electrochemical Energy 
Address:     Gebouw 50                     Mekelweg 15                     2629 JB  Delft                     The Netherlands

Email: x.wang-22 at tudelft dot nl

ORCID: 0000-0002-8984-6162

Researcher ID: ABE-5943-2021